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Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Digital Marketing in Healthcare

My aim in writing this book is to thoroughly explore the significance and applications of digital marketing within the healthcare industry and to offer guidance to professionals in this field. Healthcare is a rapidly evolving and expanding sector, with digital marketing strategies becoming an integral part of its progress. This book seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of digital marketing in healthcare services, covering everything from fundamental principles to industry-specific strategies and practices, including the use of artificial intelligence.

Today, digital marketing is crucial for the promotion and marketing of healthcare services. With the rise in internet and social media usage, organizations and professionals in the healthcare sector have begun to effectively utilize digital channels to reach their target audiences. This book discusses various digital marketing tools and techniques, ranging from website optimization to social media strategies, from email marketing to mobile marketing. It also sheds light on how artificial intelligence can influence marketing strategies and discusses future trends in digital marketing within the healthcare sector.

Designed as a resource for anyone looking to develop innovative and effective digital marketing strategies in healthcare, this book provides valuable insights by supplementing theoretical knowledge with practical advice. If you are prepared to delve deeply into digital marketing in healthcare, this book is written for you. 

Book Name
Digital Marketing in Healthcare
Strategies, Technologies and the Journey to Success
Translation Name
Sağlık Sektöründe Dijital Pazarlama
Ercan ATAY

Business & Economy / Marketing / General
Business and Economy / Advertising and Promotion
Health and Fitness / Health Services
Computer and Internet / Digital Media / General
Business and Economy / Electronic Commerce


Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Website Optimization in Health Sector
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing and Automation
Content Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing in Healthcare
Current Trends and Future Outlook
Data Security and Privacy



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Text, Pictures and Graphics

Publication Date:

April 14, 2024

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E-Book | PDF

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