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International SEO

International SEO

In writing this book, I aim to explain how SEO can be approached from a global perspective and to guide digital marketers, content creators, and website owners on how to succeed in the international arena. By addressing the evolution of SEO from local to international, I aim to provide readers with in-depth insights on implementing SEO strategies in different languages and cultures. This will be a journey that covers not only technical details but also other market dynamics and language structures. Today, thanks to the ease of access to the internet, it is more possible than ever to go beyond local borders and reach a global audience. However, international SEO significantly differs from local SEO and has its challenges. In this book, I cover all aspects of international SEO, from language choice and cultural sensitivities to website configuration, content strategy, and technical SEO. We also examine the impact of new technologies on SEO, such as artificial intelligence and adaptation to search engines other than Google. The book aims to provide the necessary knowledge to discover ways to achieve success in international markets and overcome the challenges that may be encountered in the process. With my predictions for the future of international SEO, I hope to inform readers about new SEO strategies and provide tools and techniques that will give them a competitive edge in digital marketing. This book aims to guide anyone who wants to reach a global audience.

Book Name:

International SEO

Strategies, Tips and Recommendations
Parallel Name:
Uluslararası SEO (Turkish)
Ercan ATAY

Business and Economy / Marketing / General
Business and Economy / Advertising and Promotion
Computer and Internet / Digital Media / General
Business and Economy / Electronic Commerce

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Digital Marketing
Website Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
Artificial Intelligence
Current Trends and Future Outlook

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Text, Images and Graphics
Publication Date:
March 24, 2024
Type of Publication:
E-Book | PDF

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