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Bulk Forbidden Content Checker

Author: Ercan ATAY
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Bulk Forbidden Content Checker

On WordPress-based websites, if there is a blog post containing the word “casino,” it will pull links and titles and list them to you. In addition, you can enter one additional keyword and query it at the same time on the website.


  • Checks ten by ten. (No limit entry – Only process limit)
  • You can enter one additional keyword.
  • The main structure of the project is done through the WordPress search query.
  • If the site search is closed to the classic query, it gives an “Unable to fetch data” error.
  • The casino lists a maximum of 3 items.
  • Additional keyword lists a maximum of two pieces of content.

Translate to texts (Turkish to English)

  • Backlink URL’leri (Links to check / Domain or long URL)
  • Ek Anahtar Kelimeler (1 Adet) – (Additional keyword to check – 1 Piece)
  • Casino içeriği var mı ? – Does it have casino content? – Evet/Yes – Hayır/No
  • Ek Anahtar Kelime Kontrol – Additional Keyword Control
  • Ek Anahtar Kelime Blog Links – Additional Keyword Blog Links

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