Local SEO Strategy and Tips 2020-2021

Author: Ercan ATAY
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Local SEO Strategy and Tips 2020-2021

In our previous article, I gave you information about International SEO Strategy, and in this article, I will give you information about Regional SEO or Local SEO (Local SEO) strategy. I will pass on a few tips in terms of information. This article, like the previous article, will be aimed at SMEs, small and medium enterprises.

What is Local SEO?

First of all, what legal entities need to know is that your local SEO website leaves a trace on various websites related to the geographic location you serve, and your site is optimized according to these traces. Among these, for example; Google’s local directory site My Business, Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Yellow Pages, Facebook Places, Google Reviews, Review sites, Yelp, Bulurum.com, Sikayetvar.com (important in local searches for various keyword synthesis) and your website In-house optimization stands out.

Which Points Should I Pay Attention To In Local SEO?

Local SEO’da Hangi Noktalara Dİkkat Etmelisiniz.

Which Points Should You Pay Attention To In Local SEO?

The top priority of the points you need to pay attention to in local SEO is undoubtedly the service’s variable parameters or the products you provide in the current geographic area. In short, if you are a locksmith, the provinces or districts you can serve, and even the neighborhoods you can go to if you are a market can be given as examples. Your priority should always be locations with a high return on investment and high search volume in parallel.

Locksmith Beykoz Search Results On Google

The second thing you need to pay attention to is undoubted that your business is easily accessible to you by customers with various maps, navigation, and GPS-oriented technologies. For example, it is to register on the various map and navigation platforms such as Google Maps, Yandex, Foursquare, Facebook Places, Google My Business, Apple Maps, OpenStreetMaps, and then perform various optimizations.

When X lahmacun was typed, the Results Around Mecidiyeköy and Bad Comments in That Business.

Third, one of the issues you need to pay attention to is to review your business, which you add to various evaluation platforms periodically. For example, never forget that 1 bad review on your Google My Business business can lose 10 or even 100 customers. That’s why you need to organize the comments here, as they come forward in local searches on sites such as Facebook page evaluation, Google business comments; there is a complaint. If necessary, you can ask the relevant customer to solve their problems and correct their comments.

Call Of Duty Reviews

Fourth, you should pay attention to your website’s various local SEO optimizations (local SEO schema markup). I am giving you 3 very reputable sources in the world. Turkish resources are not very up-to-date, so I cannot share them.

First Resource — Second Resource — Third Resource

What are the Differences between Local SEO and Normal SEO?

Actually, the difference between the two is straightforward. Local SEO is your race with the competitors in the location you serve, while normal SEO is the race where you compete with your competitors in search results. But if we go into technical details, we can say that the basis of all of them is your site’s interaction with various Web 2.0, Web 3.0 portals through location and coordination. Moz.com, one of the most respected SEO platforms globally, briefly shared the table below with us.


Credit: Moz.com

As can be seen here, it points out that Google My Business’s roles are increasing, the role of customer experiences is enormous, and the importance of on-site optimization. You just need to know this much. I shared the link above for detailed information.


Question: Should I open a page on my site about every city in Istanbul?

Answer: is no. It is useful to open various pages about the locations you can serve only. You should avoid this type of behavior as it will be perceived as spam very high.

Question: What if I don’t integrate native SEO-related HTML code into my site?

Answer: It is also useful to add them to your site. If you are using ready-made content management systems, there are plugins and paid solutions for them. Free resources abound.

Question: What data should I add to Google My Business?

Answer: It’s simple. Put yourself in a customer place. What information would you look for when you search? Address, photos, phone, services, parking lot, office images by service, reply to customer comments …

Question: What will I do if I am on vacation or closed during the quarantine period?

Answer: There are various settings in My Business, such as closed on special days. You can set them by choosing dates from there.

Question: Is mobile compatibility of my site important?

Answer: It is essential. Because mobile phones are generally used in local SEO, mobile opening speeds must be excellent, and optimizations must be done fully.

Question: What resources can I use in local SEO?

Answer: If we go on a category basis rather than tell you individual sources; You can use networks such as search engine map business page, social network business page, directories, platforms such as 188 80, platforms such as bulletin.com, maps, services such as Foursquare, local news sites (for example, News from Bakırköy, Şişli Newspaper, etc.).

This article will be updated constantly. I want to express my gratitude to you, my esteemed visitors, for reading this article to the end. I would be glad if you share this article with your loved ones. Stay healthy.

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