My First Excitement, Newness, and Hobbies

Author: Ercan ATAY
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My First Excitement, Newness, and Hobbies

My biggest hobby was video games. Between 1994 and 2002, I used to play various computer games at home and in internet cafes. Especially before I met computers, I used to play games with coins in ATARI halls. But that didn’t hold me back after a while because you weren’t learning anything while playing.

IDC BT Güvenlik Seminer Serisi 2008
IDC IT Security Seminar Series 2008

Then I met with internet cafes—periods when there should be at least 3 people with 56K modem. If there were 2 people, it would not open. With the advent of DSL, we could access the internet easily. Before the 2000s, I worked as a moderator and founder in IRC channels with XP and 98. I was doing BOTNET as a hobby for Cyber Attack and Defense Technologies. It was enjoyable 🙂 But it also felt boring.

Subsequently, I worked as a Forum Manager and fashion designer. The reason for disliking this is that, for example, all the texts you wrote with all the backups were flying and deleted due to a HACK or hardware failure. This did not work either.

Subsequently, I shifted my hobby to graphic design and web design. In the first years, I was setting up FREE web design, e-commerce sites. (2002-2007). I was attending various national seminars. Even the IDC IT Security Seminar Series 2008, other seminars have been enjoyable. Cyber Attack and Defense Technologies, I was happy to meet with security companies as I have a security background. Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Eset, Norton.

In 2010 I met a friend of mine from Sweden. We have established a group shopping website in Turkey. I continued this business for a period of 12 months. We have added many new technologies and innovations. It was an enjoyable process. This brother of Iranian origin was from Azeri Turks. The job was important, but I learned a lot about this culture from this brother. Food culture, life, European life, etc.

Then I looked at different job searches—Atasay, UFO Warmer (Green Shoe), News sites, etc. None of them attracted me. I was looking for something new.

I found a company that produces a new innovative insulated wall block in Beykoz. Normally I had a prejudice against construction companies. But what is the room 🙂 The CEO of the construction company is a general surgeon 🙂 Doctor. I liked the product very much—Green, eco-friendly, LEED certificate points, environmentally friendly, and innovative. There is styrofoam in the middle, and this wall block on both sides is a building block of pumice, slag, c30 concrete. Similar to YTONG but not. After operating in the digital field in this formation for nearly 2 years, I moved to another medicine and health field.

Meanwhile, the second university, the third university, the wise man, English time, and 30 certification processes were also continuing. (Weekends)

Since then, I have adapted many things that I see as hobbies to my business life. I started to put the things that excited me and enjoyed doing in my daily life. I suggested, helped, trained.

I established 30 informatics groups for the benefit of the public. I was a pioneer. I set up Whatsapp groups, Facebook, Linkedin groups. I have reduced the sharing of information to these groups where trading is prohibited with zero tolerance. In this way, I was now conveying what I know to everyone on many countless topics such as SEO, E-commerce, Google Ads (Adwords), WordPress, Joomla.

In the beginning, I opened groups related to the certificates I received, the school I studied, and the university. It is about the subjects I know. Then we expanded these areas to artificial intelligence.

Today, we are embarking on a new era. Today I understand better how correct steps I have taken in the post-COVID world. Digital is critical now. It takes shape here. It gets bigger.

I am studying Advertising at the Third University. Learning French, Spanish, or German as a third language is in my mind. French prevails.

If opportunities allow, I think to expand my hobby even more :))

Ercan ATAY


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