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With COVID-19, should the health sector do digital marketing?

Author: Ercan ATAY
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With COVID-19, should the health sector do digital marketing?

First of all, I recently shared about COVID-19. I conveyed my prayers and wishes in that article. I leave a link here and go to the topic immediately for those who do not know me. I felt the need to write this subject because many leading individuals and institutions in the health sector started to receive questions such as what I should do and whether I should get a reaction during this period. Many workplaces such as beauty salons and barbers have been closed, and people do not go to clinics or get an appointment to solve their problems due to the quarantine. In this sense, healthcare employers are cutting costs or suspending digital marketing entirely. This is an opportunity for them. How Does?

Digital Marketing Does Not Consist Of A Single Channel!

Digital marketing does not consist solely of Google and Facebook ads, nor does it consist of video and picture sharing on social media. While some digital marketing channels bring immediate results in the short term, some digital marketing channels can be based on long-term strategies. One of them is SEO. Search engine optimization is one of today’s indispensable trends. So why should you do SEO studies for your existing sites and sites in this quarantine period?

Invest in the Future with SEO!

2019 F1 Brazilian Grand Prix
I compare SEO to Grand Prix Races. You can think of it as the famous Formula 1 race. I will tell you why you should invest in this channel during this quarantine period, which you have always postponed and could not find time to date. As you know, there has been intense competition in the health sector for a long time. A group of hospitals can have dozens of websites and have a low SEO budget. A new health employer started this tough race far behind and could not produce content because he could not allocate a low budget and had insufficient time. This race was withdrawing from the back, and the vehicle (site) he participated in did not have as many metric values as other vehicles in the current race. (Domain Authority Score, Page Authority Score, and different 200 matters that search engines pay attention to)
COVID-19 is an Opportunity for Survivors!

I seem to hear that. For example, people will think about botox now, and questions or reservations may come from many sectors, such as I cannot share about botox. I cannot share urology during this quarantine period or I cannot share its aesthetics or hair transplantation. Social sensitivity should not be ignored, but YOU CAN ADD VALUE TO YOURSELF WITHOUT SHARING IT ON YOUR PLATFORMS. This is by doing SEO work.

Your current SEO work will show its fruits after six months or 12 months in parallel with the industry and competition. Moreover, what senior SEO experts like us need most is CONTENT. We are for the content to be created by someone who knows the subject. Usually, a physician, clinic, or hospital does not have time. For instance, freelance clinics and physicians have started to have time, except for emergencies. In this sense, we suggest all of them invest in SEO. As a result, this quarantine will not be for life; when it disappears after a certain period when jobs are opened in Google and other search engine rankings, you will both compensate for the lost time and plan the marketing budget for the next year with the investment conversion from organic results in more competitive market conditions.

Where Should Health Sector Begin in SEO?

I recommend the following for employers and individuals in the health sector with nearly ten years of experience in the health and medical sector.

  • First, overhaul your existing sites.
  • Speed ​​up your sites, and make them mobile compatible.
    Make your existing content clear, easy, and according to on-site SEO rules.
  • Reconstruct your images to be aesthetically compatible.
    Set your priorities. List your services and products trending after six months and one year, or meet your investment return on the first page in that word.
  • Prioritize these products and services that you have listed.
    Then draw up your contingency plan. Determine what investments you will make for one month, three months, six months, and 12 months for SEO and what actions you will take.
  • Take out your two kinds of opponents. The first are the competitors you want to be better in search results in the short term and the competitors you want to be better than them in the long term (6 months to 12 months).
  • Put your return on investment services and products in the emergency action plan that you have determined in line with these competitors in excellence. For example, the ABC brand ranks 5th in Google in the A word. In the B-word, the DEF brand is ranked 6th on Google.
  • Once you have all these breakdowns and plans, go to practice immediately. According to your competitors and in line with your current budget, according to your business priority, start working on backlinks, video works, promotional articles, and forums, which we call Off-Site SEO. In the final, follow the measurements of all the work daily through various tools and sites. I recommend the Serpfox site. You can track 10 keyword rankings for free. If you are looking for something middle-class, rank, and looking for a better quality platform, sites such as SeoMonitor and Semrush will help you.

My suggestion is to coordinate the process in a planned manner by getting consultancy from an expert. You can contact me on Linkedin for detailed questions and consultation. wrote this article. It cannot be copied without permission.

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