Dinner Cruise Istanbul

Dinner Cruise Istanbul

What is Dinner Cruise Istanbul?

It is a good choice to experience the nightlife of a city is through Dinner Cruise Istanbul. These scintillating cruises not only take you on a sweet journey on a lake, creek, river, strait, or ocean however also indicate the magnificence of a city through its vibrant night-time attractions. So if you plan something special or with your friends, we will strongly recommend you to include these gorgeous Dinner Cruise Istanbul on your holiday at these popular destinations.

Dinner Cruise Istanbul Details

You can enjoy a night cruise between Asia and Europe continents as you dine on Turkish meals on that 3,5 hours Dinner Cruise Istanbul. You are going to marvel at monuments from the Ottoman and Byzantine empires and enjoy a super program of entertainment, like folk and belly dancing.

Remember that about 5 thousand (5000) travelers buy that Dinner Cruise Istanbul with entertainment every night. It means that this is one of the most stunning city experiments, essential and unique Istanbul experiences.

Dinner Cruise Istanbul Packages

We cater for 3 main tours with 2 menu choice as Dinner Cruise Istanbul packages:

Including Dinner Cruise Istanbul Alcohol Menu

Dinner and local unlimited alcohol and soft drinks (coke, fanta, sprite, coffee, tea, juice, etc.).

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Menu

Unlimited soft drinks and dinner.

Throughout your Dinner Cruise Istanbul, you shall enjoy a full program of entertainment, like a whirling dervish show, Turkish classical music, belly dancing, folkloric shows, an international singer, and an onboard DJ. You shall have a matchless Istanbul experience.

One of the best attractions in Istanbul, a Traditional Turkish themed Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Istanbul is a must for all who visit this city. Accompanied by Turkish Classical Music and an excellent Turkish dinner, enjoy the spectacular views of 2 continents as the boat glides on the Strait.

You shall also witness the city’s magic at night by catching the breathtaking views of some of the best Istanbul attractions such as the Beylerbeyi Palace, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Maiden’s Tower and Bosphorus Bridges.

Enjoy a romantic Dinner Cruise Istanbul on the Istanbul Bosporus with your friends and family. View some of Istanbul’s best attractions illuminated for the night, enjoy traditional folk and dance shows from Anatolia. Dine as you sail between Europe and Asia continents, Taste delicious Turkish meals. Enjoy limitless local drinks during the night

As Bosphorus Tours Istanbul we offer Dining Cruise tours and we highly recommend them. You shall have an excellent 3,5 hours on our Dinner Cruise Istanbul with one of the biggest and most luxurious ships.

Appreciate yummy starters, dinner, and fresh fruits, and have a perfect night out while viewing the variety of fantastic shows.

You shall have a memorable 3.5 hours cruising and dining along the Strait with a ravishing magical atmosphere. You shall enjoy yummy local culinary classics, and entertainment onboard.

Cruise the Bosphorus on a luxury boat on this comforting Istanbul Dinner Cruise Istanbul. You shall love the sights and mansions from the water at dusk as you experience the city from a different perspective. Furthermore, a sit-down dinner featuring Turkish meals, there are live music and entertainment like belly dancing, dervish dance folkloric shows. Alcoholic and non-Alcoholic menus are existing.

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